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Here’s how neem oil can do double duty for organic gardeners

Neem oil. It’s a thick, tan-colored oil extracted from the mechanically-pressed (or chemically-processed) seed of the neem tree. Neem is one of those plants that is almost certainly under-utilized across most of the world. It’s all-natural and vegan. You can use neem oil for organic pest control but wait, there’s more…

Organic neem oil benefits and uses. Read more at farmstand

Don’t eat the neem

Yes, I know that the very young shoots and leaves are prepared in dishes in some countries, but long term ingestion of neem is likely to harm internal organs. Neem is toxic to children and pregnant women. Avoid ingesting neem if you are pregnant or nursing.

If you keep neem in your house, ensure that it is out of the reach of children.

What’s the “double-duty” then?

#1 duty: Use neem oil for organic pest control in your garden. I get a ton of pests in my garden in the summer. I pick them off the leaves and use all sorts of preventative measures, like broken egg shells, jute rope, copper tape and a solar-powered owl, that looks fun but is mostly ineffective.

There’s only two organic-friendly garden treatments that offer me any success. One is neem oil. The other is coyote urine. If I have to choose, neem oil smells better but not by much.

It’s not a good idea to eat a lot of neem oil, but it also breaks down quickly in the environment. I spray my plants on a day when I know two things are not going to happen.

  • First, I won’t be harvesting and eating the veggies for at least two days. That’s the half life of neem’s active component, Azadirachtin.
  • Second, it’s not going to downpour and wash away some of the protective oils. Water makes the Azadirachtin breakdown faster.

Neem oil in organic gardens

Every two weeks in the summer, I fill a spray bottle with warm water and add a cap full of neem oil. I shake it up and spray it all over my backyard garden. For my 20′ x 60′ garden, I need to fill the bottle twice.

Neem deters and kills aphids (they’re garden enemy #1 at my house), snails, nematodes (that’s too bad, I kind of like them), cabbage worms, gnats, moths, cockroaches, flies, termites and mosquitoes.

Some internet sites list Japanese beetles as one of the bugs killed or repelled by neem; however, in years when the infestation is really intense, all kinds of beetles power-through my neem defenses. It might help, but it’s no cure-all.

The great news is, neem oil is practically non-toxic to bees, birds, fish and plants! I would never harm my neighbors’ honey bees. Look how cute they are.

Looking for more technical info on neem oil? Here is a great cheatsheet from Oregon State University.

Another use for neem oil

I did say neem could do double duty for you. In addition to using it in your organic garden, you can use neem oil to make homemade soap. It’s cleansing, moisturizing and deodorizing!

One piece of advice, don’t use too much neem in your soaps. It can feel a little bit heavy on your skin if you overdo it.

When I make soap, I usually use a base of olive oil, coconut oil and shea butter. Neem oil works best if it’s less than 10% of the total oils in your recipe.

Nutmeg butter soap Homestate soap Handmade vegan soap
Homestate nutmeg handmade soap

Here are some tips on how to use almost any oil laying around your house to make soap. You really just need a basic recipe and a little practice with a soap calculator. I use the calculator at for all of my homemade batches.

Nutmeg and Neem vegan handmade borage and babassu soap

Bonus: since a little goes a long way, one bottle of neem lasts me more than a year!

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If you’re looking for my latest post on Zero Waste homemade soap, it will be right back (updated!)

UPDATE: you can read all about Zero Waste soap again!

How to make Zero Waste homemade soap!

ORIGINAL POST (OLD): We are having technical difficulties with the latest, great post on Zero Waste Homemade Soap.

I’m so disappointed, but WordPress tech is helping me retrieve my lost post.

I hope to have it republished tonight by kickoff time! It’s Super Bowl Sunday in the States.

Please enjoy some unique posts while you’re waiting…

How (and why) there are no toekicks under my kitchen cabinets

I wanted to know, maybe you do too?…2018 farmstand culture blog superlatives

Forgotten herb: mugwort

DIY dry shampoo for brown or auburn hair

Forgotten herb: balsam apple

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How to make Zero Waste homemade soap!

How to turn any old oil into zero waste homemade soap. DIY soap making at its best!

You saw it first on farmstand culture. Find out: what is zero waste homemade soap, when and how to make it yourself. And, if you’re more into learning and watching rather than DIYing, read on for my personal experience with zero-waste soap making. I hope it inspires other positive, natural-lifestyle changes in your every day life.

It all started about a decade ago, before my sister and I had children. We loved the handmade soaps at Sunflower Farm Shop in Orange, Connecticut, and felt inspired to try making our own soap from scratch.

We spent about $100 on materials and equipment to get us started and spent an evening chatting, measuring and mixing up two batches of pure, chemical-free soap. You would never know it was only our first try. Those soaps came out great. My friends and colleagues asked me to make more…for years, but with kids and work and house and school and and and…it was nearly ten years before I made my next batch of handcrafted soap.

Find out how I use any old oils laying around the house to make zero waste homemade soap. DIY soap at its best!

Inspiration hit

Several months ago I looked in the cabinet and noticed a massive vat of expired organic coconut oil. Do you know how expensive those are?

We buy most of our pantry goods at an American wholesale club. Picture a legitimate warehouse, open to the public, with shelves stacked to the ceiling full of giant versions of everyday items.

Laundry detergent the size of a backpack. Whole fillets of king salmon that fill a tray so big, it is hard to carry. The coconut oil they sell is huge, approximately the size of eight normal jars of coconut oil. And, we only used half of our expired coconut oil. Ugh.

I felt annoyed and upset that we wasted the equivalent of a year’s worth of coconut oil. Clearly, we went through a coconut oil phase that faded before the supply ran out. But, when I opened it, the oil smelled fine. I was not about to throw it away. First, I made a coconut-coffee sugar scrub with some of it. A few days later, true inspiration hit…

Zero-waste soap

Back when my sister and I experimented with hand-crafted soap, we created our own recipes using online calculators. With these free calculators, you simply type in different quantities of whatever oils you have, and it tells you exactly how much lye and water you need to make your soap. 

Lye is dangerous but necessary to saponify (i.e. turn fats and oils into soap). Pretty much any natural fat will saponfiy if mixed with liquefied lye. Brilliant!

No need to waste that old coconut oil. It smelled fine and rather than eat it, I can turn it into soap! So I did. Here’s what happened…

My experiment

First, I ordered lye on Amazon. Be careful. Lye is dangerous and scary. It causes permanent burns to bare skin. Kids should never, ever be around lye. Grown-ups are barely trust-worthy around lye.

Then, I awoke our soap-making pots, measuring cups, and thermometers from their decade-long slumber. If you want to make soap, dedicate the materials to soap-making just in case there’s somehow some leftover lye or soap in them. Put labels on your soap-only cups, bowls and spoons. 

Almost there. I had gloves, but still needed a kitchen scale to weigh everything. At the end of the post, I’ll give you all the links to the key materials you need to make zero-waste soap yourself.

Creating zero waste soap recipes

I worked up a recipe for a simple coconut oil and olive oil soap, but since I found a small bottle of really old sweet almond oil, I threw that in, too. It passed my sniff test. If you find random old oils around the house, just measure how much you have and add it to your online soap calculator. Easy. 

Go through your cabinets and pantry and see if you have some old oils hanging around. Then, weigh them on your kitchen scale and enter the amounts you have into an online calculator. Sometimes, soap-makers call them either lye calculators or soap calculators. Same thing.

Here’s a good soap calculator: SoapCalc and here is a round-up post from The Spruce Crafts that mentions five others. Don’t be intimidated. The calculators look complicated at first, but once you start using them, it gets easier. If you really just want a very simple lye calculator for soapmaking, this one by TheSage is easy to use. 

Soap-making process and tips

Here is a recipe and video for cold process soap from Becky’s Homestead that inspired me to add olive oil to my zero waste coconut soap. You don’t have to add other oils. But, I like a softer bar of soap, and as she mentions in the video, coconut oil makes harder bars.

Cold process soap is made without heating the oil and lye mixture over a stove or in a crock pot; that would be hot process soap. As a beginner, I started with cold process soap-making, but it takes longer to cure (i.e. you have to wait a month before you can use your soap). 

Instead of rosemary oil, I used a half ounce of ginger essential oil in my zero waste soap for fragrance (because that’s what I had), and I didn’t add any color. 

Instead of using a mask and fan like Becky, I mixed my lye into the water outside and let it cool outside. I never open lye in the house. It’s personal preference. And, as the lye water cooled, I hid it outside away from kids and animals. 

If this is your first time bringing soap to “trace”, watch a few videos to get a better feel for the pudding-like consistency you need before you can pour your soap into the molds. 

You don’t need a fancy mold. You can use any old plastic container or even an old shoe box. TIP: line the mold with strips of parchment paper before you pour in the soap. Parchment strips make it easier to remove the soap the next day to cut it into bars. 

How to make zero waste homemade soap. DIY soap recipe

My mistake

After my soap hardened, I noticed that the outside dried lighter with some soda ash, and the middle dried darker. It doesn’t really matter. The soap works beautifully. Actually, it’s amazing how simple this soap recipe is, given how well it suds and cleans. However, my soap probably wouldn’t sell well at a farm stand. It’s not perfect. But, I think I understand my mistake.

I blended the lye mixture and oils when they cooled to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. But, it was cold that day. And, I mixed the lye outdoors and left it in the freezing cold. I think it would be better to blend my ingredients at a slightly higher temperature, maybe 110 to 120 degrees. 

Zero waste soap-making materials

You probably already own a mixing spoon, cups and bowls. Here’s a list of the less common materials you need to make your own zero waste soap at home.

Kitchen scale
Thermometer (You need one. I use two.)
Immersion blender (Don’t use this for food if you use it to blend lye into soap.)
Long rubber gloves
Protective eyeglasses

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. 

Thank you for supporting this blog!

Leave us a comment and let us know if you made some soap. What was your experience like?

Do you have old oils laying around the house that would make great zero waste soap? I will be asking my friends and family to bring me theirs!

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10 best-selling handcrafted items on Amazon that aren’t booze glasses

Top ten bestsellers on Amazon handmade handcrafted items that are not all booze glasses

Everyone, myself included, is looking for unique gifts right now. We all have this little hope that the gift we find will be a winner! When our special gift is opened we will see a flash of genuine joy in the eyes of the person receiving it.

I have this hope every year for the most difficult person in my life to buy for…husband. In fact, just the past weekend I finally got around to returning the anniversary gift I bought him three weeks ago. A high-end thermos. He wanted a different size. I was so close.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

If you were to do the research yourself, you’d find that 12 of the top 20 handcrafted items on Amazon Handmade right now are booze glasses. Whiskey glasses with bullets in the side (7 out of 12). Wine glasses with funny sayings (3 of 12). And uh, the remaining two are whiskey glasses with funny sayings.

My husband, by the way, loves whiskey and stemless wine glasses and would really crack up at some of the funny sayings.

I like booze, but I also like variety, which is hard to find on the Handmade Bestseller list. Not one to give up quickly, I challenged myself to dig past the pile of booze glasses and get you a different Top 10 list of (mostly but not entirely) sober bestsellers.

10 bestsellers that aren’t booze glasses

November 2018

#10 Bourbon Lip Balm

It’s probably just a good stocking stuffer. They are trying to appeal to men with this single malt lip balm, but I like bourbon. This would be a good gift for me.

#9 Rustic 1st Married Christmas Ornament

There are many, many of these beautiful handmade ornaments for First Christmases, New Babies, New Homes, Engagements, and Memorials. Sadly, I felt like the memorial was over-priced. They’re not really customizable. I do like to pull out our New Baby ornaments this time of year and remember when my mom got them for us. Wonderful memories.

#8 Harry Potter Quotes, Set of 4

I know some kids who would have loved these framed quotes when they went through their Harry Potter phase. Anything that encourages people to read is fantastic.

#7 Bacon & Bourbon Soy Candle

Bacon and bourbon, the ad says it’s perfect for your man room. When the weather turns cold, I start little mini  fires all over the place. There are four candles in my dining room and kitchen right now, another in my living room. And I saw a wonderful little local company online that sells candles to raise money for their sick child, and now there is another candle on it’s way to my house.

#6 Personalized Necklace with Any Name

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#5 Dandelion Christmas Wish Pendant Necklace

The dandelion seed in suspended animation is really lovely. What a unique necklace, even for someone who owns a lot of necklaces. Dandelions are a forgotten herb. Not a weed, not a random wildflower, but an historic herb that jumped out of old gardens and spread with the wind.

#4 Target Fan Coffee Mug

Perfect for my sister.

#3 Personalized Bracelet Birthstone Names

A few years ago, I bought a Grandma necklace for my Mother-in-Law. I must have looked for weeks to find one that wasn’t generic or expected. Here’s one from a verified handcraft jewelry artist.

#2 Name Puzzle for kids

In the ad for this handmade puzzle, they are listed as great for toddlers because of the raised letters. That “i” looks like a choking hazard to me. However, preschoolers and kindergartners are either learning to write their names or get really excited when they see their letters. It’d be a good gift for a child ages 3 to 5.

#1 Kitchen Herbs Botanical Prints

I’ve got kitchen decorating on my mind. We are in the final months of a major home renovation. I love herbs, gardening and all things natural. These prints have an authentic, vintage feel to them. They’re so pretty and different.

If you want to scroll through more handmade items that can just arrive at your door. Here is a direct link to Amazon Handmade. I may earn a small commission if you buy anything through this link, but the cost to you is the same either way.

They’re all memorable. Might any of these handmade gifts be the one?

Nothing caught your eye? No problem. You can still scan through the Handmade Marketplace for other unique, small batch products. The handcrafted, small batch skincare is my favorite.

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Top ten bestsellers on Amazon handmade handcrafted items that are not all booze glasses

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Top 5 handmade soaps – inexpensive!

Top 5 Handmade Soaps on Amazon Handmade Marketplace

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I searched the Amazon Handmade Marketplace for their Top 5 bestselling handmade soaps. Why? I am a huge fan of hand-processed soaps. There are a million soaps out there. No, probably 100 million. A billion? But, handmade soap with farm-fresh ingredients and vibrant essential oils is a simple luxury.

Consider adding a handmade soap to a holiday gift as a special little something extra. A bar would look really classic taped to the top of a gift wrapped in a natural twine or satin ribbon.

View and shop the Top 5 Bestselling Handmade Soaps from Amazon's Handmade Marketplace

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Top 5 Bestselling Hand-processed Soaps

November 2018



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Leave a comment and let us know, which handmade soap catches your eye?

Nothing caught your eye? No problem. You can still scan through the Handmade Marketplace for other unique, small batch products. The handcrafted, small batch skincare is my favorite.

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Top 10 handcrafted items on Amazon Handmade Marketplace, October 2018

Top 10 Bestsellers at Amazon Handmade Marketplace October 2018

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Now that you know about the Amazon Handmade Marketplace, catch up on the unique items that made their Top 10 Bestsellers list for October 2018. Who knows? Maybe there’s a handcrafted idea or two in here for the holidays. Gift giving. Tree trimming. Grab bags. Hosting gifts. My mom’s birthday. It’s all happening in just a few weeks!

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Top 10 Bestsellers on Amazon Handmade

October 2018


Oh sure, now that I saw it at a farm stand, organic elderberry juice is really taking off! I think my other hot farm stand find, Swedish dishcloths are gonna be the next big thing.





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Leave a comment and let us know, which handmade item catches your eye?

Nothing caught your eye? No problem. You can still scan through the Handmade Marketplace for other unique, small batch products. The handcrafted, small batch skincare is my favorite.

Top 10 Bestselling Handmade items on Amazon

Any of these 10 Bestsellers would make really unique gifts for the holidays. Since my coworkers like to exchange gifts (a habit that makes me feel undue pressure; I mean, how well do we really know the new guy?), I’m happy to support verified small business artisans and give them Amazon Handmade gifts. ‘Cause it’s either this or another Starbucks gift card. My colleagues are gluttons for Starbucks gift cards.

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Secret Amazon site for handcrafted natural products

Violas in egg wash. Base of homemade DIY viola craft.

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Psssshhh…there’s a secret Amazon site for handcrafted natural products, a place where you can find verified small batch skin care along with artesian jewelry, toys, home décor, clothing and art.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Dried calendula flowers diy for oil infusions and healing herb salve

How could I possibly not know about this?! I am on every single day. Still, it came as a true surprise when I—a lover of natural products and long-time Prime member—stumbled on the small crafters’ marketplace.

This happy accident inspired a new series: FarmstandFix.

Why FarmstandFix?

As the warm-weather growing season winds down, I have been searching for something convenient that offers us all a farm stand fix during the cold, dormant months.

The unique products at this marketplace tick both of those boxes: farm fresh quality and convenience.

You can find soaps, skincare, and natural products similar to what you might see at a farm stand or farmers market. But, it’s not just for handmade skincare. The Top 10 Bestsellers right now include one-of-a-kind glasses, ornaments and necklaces. Bonus, even though you are ordering from small businesses, you get the benefit of fast, cheap Amazon shipping. A must.

Through this new series, I will show you easy ways to comparison shop the handcrafted skincare, I am going to spend my own money to buy and produce reviews on items that catch my eye this autumn and winter.

Consider following me to get uninterrupted access to all of my future reviews for FarmstandFix. I don’t sell my email lists. I’m the only one who sees them.

What do you mean “verified”?

Amazon wants the handcrafted marketplace to be a trusted artesian resource.

Artists and handcrafters are incentivized to achieve the handmade designation for their one-of-a-kind products. It’s not just handed out to any seller. They set strict standards around what they are willing to add to the handcrafted offerings.

Product crafters must submit an application to the Amazon fortress so that secret researchers can decide if their company and products meet ‘handmade’ standards. The products must be altered or made entirely by hand by the artist or an employee of the artist’s small business. If they are verified, the artist can post goods in this special marketplace at a discount to what a seller of mass-produced goods would pay.

Don’t worry; you can buy from the Handmade Marketplace whether or not you have Prime.  If you have been meaning to try Prime, here’s a quick link to try Amazon Prime free for 30 days. If not, no problem. Read on for more tips about handmade skincare and health supplies.

Three jars edible flowers violas borage pansies

Why am I still buying mass-produced stuff when I can have small batch, natural, handcrafted stuff shipped to me in two days?

Well, lack of awareness for one.

To complicate matters, most small businesses can’t make claims about the benefits of natural ingredients. It’s an FDA thing. Not to mention there’s a lack of real, independent reviews of their highly customized products. The handmade site can be a little overwhelming. It’d be nice to have someone (like me) help point out the good stuff.

Outside of the usual Amazon 1-to-5 star review system, there aren’t a lot of Reviewers out there specializing in Handmade Marketplace products. Frankly, there’s not a lot in it for the Reviewers unless they just love green, organic, natural products made with care and quality in small batches. The small business owners can’t afford to ship materials for free to incentivize people to write about them the way big companies can. It’s a challenge to grab attention away from mass producers and luxury brands.

But, I think you know someone who’s up to the challenge.

Me, I meant me.

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Three Fall craft ideas inspired by my trip to the farmers market

Three Fall craft ideas inspired by a walk through a local farmers market

“Three Fall craft ideas inspired by my trip to the farmers market” as featured on The Painted Hinge on the Farmhouse Friday Night Link Party #79.

3 Fall Craft Ideas

Food is not the only thing you’ll find at a farmers market. You can get do-it-yourself Fall craft ideas there, too! Not too crafty? No problem, you can still pick up a pumpkin or two or 10 to carve or paint.

Here are three craft inspirations I found during a walk through an Autumn farmers market. Several of these were also featured in a recent farmstand5, a series on my Top 5 picks from local farm stands.

Vintage bottles repurposed

Bookworm Bottles vintage bottle craft DIY

A young woman creates these upcycled Bookworm Bottles for her mother’s corner gift shop, and you can visit her site to pick one up. But if you happen to have any old bottles at your house or in an antique shop near you, be inspired to create your own!

I’m seeing a lot of bottles used to decorate farmhouse shelves, dining room sideboards and glass door hutches. These will add a little interest and personality to otherwise minimalist decor.

Bookworm Bottles crafted brown bottle

How to repurpose vintage bottles:


Computer, printer, paper OR stickers to use as labels
Super glue, glue gun or rubber glue
Burlap or fabric swatches
Ribbon, broken necklaces/bracelets, or jute string
Cork stoppers or old wine bottle corks for tops

Print out colorful labels and glue or rubber glue them to your bottles. They look beautiful layered on top of burlap or fabric swatches. You can glue a jute string or cut ribbon around them as a border. To finish them off, tie a ribbon, string or upcycle a broken piece of costume jewelry by wrapping it around the neck of the bottle. Don’t forget to order some corks or reuse a wine bottle cork for the topper. You may have to cut the corks a little to get the best fit. Try to cut them on a taper or just two-thirds of the way to the top so most of your adjustments are hidden below the mouth of the bottle.

Infused olive oil in a glass bottle

Flavored olive oil bottles

Get ready for the season of dinner parties, cookie swaps and holiday festivities with your own do-it-yourself flavored cooking oils. I use these oils to decorate the mantel above my range and window shelves in my farmhouse kitchen. You could even line them up on the tops of your cabinets or hutches. They are so pretty, like food art. My favorite oil is full of dried chilies and one sprig of rosemary. It is delicious with bread, for sauteing chicken or veggies and on pizza. Yep, it’s tres-francais to add flavored (usually spicy) oil to pizza.

Gift bags flavored vinegar and olive oils with dried herbs

How to infuse olive oil:


Clear glass oil bottle
Your favorite olive oil (inexpensive oil is better)
Dried herbs, dried peppers, dried hot chilies, whole peppercorns, fresh or dried garlic
Suggested herbs: bay leaf, rosemary, sage, lavender

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

First, make sure everything is clean and dry – the bottle, the lid, the herbs, everything. Water droplets could spoil your oils. Put any mix of the dried herbs, peppers, garlic or peppercorns into the empty glass bottle. Pour in the olive oil. A funnel would be helpful if you have one to avoid spillage.

Online you can find lots of different recipes for olive oil infusions. Some of them require sauteing the ingredients in a pan. For gifts or making bottles that decorate your kitchen shelves, I don’t recommend the cooked infusions over just using herbs or peppers that were already dried out and preserved. Olive oil infusions you have to cook are quick and easy, but they don’t last as long as just letting dried herbs, spices or peppers slowly infuse into the oils over a week.

Handpainted, dried gourd birdhouses

Handpainted dried gourd birdhouses

A display of handpainted gourds is both seasonal and inspiring at this farmers market stand. It reminds you not to neglect the outdoors while you are decorating indoors! Think about the feeling you would have every time you glanced out of your kitchen window and saw a handcrafted birdhouse in your tree. It will be exciting to see sweet little birds enjoying your hard work as the seasons change.

There are a lot of articles online about how to dry your own gourds for crafting. If you do that, you are our hero! It takes four-to-ten months though…oh, um, no. To get this Fall craft idea going before next Fall, you should probably just have one shipped to your house in two days.

How to make handpainted gourd birdhouses:


Large dried gourd with a hole drilled in the side
OR gourd seeds, 10 months of waiting, and a hand-cranked screw for drilling
A pencil
Acrylic paint brushes set
Acrylic paint set (this one is under $10!)
Acrylic prep primer and paint sealer (look for fast-drying sealer)
Newpaper or an old blanket, towel or trap to minimize messes

You can use the Amazon links here to buy anything you need. Brick and mortar craft stores will also have the full rainbow of acrylic paints and brushes.

There is actually an American Gourd Society, and they have gourd-painting experts on hand to offer tips on how to template something fancy for your gourd. It sounds like I’m being sarcastic, but I’m not. Here’s the link.

The templates can be pretty intricate. I think you’re better off just priming the gourd, lightly penciling in a simple design or pattern, painting it and sealing it after the paint dries completely.

I would look for inspiration from blouses, plaid shirts, wallpaper and Pintrest patterns. The Pintrest patterns are great. I shouldn’t even have put that link in here because now you will likely forget about reading my next article and get lost in a world of patterned excess.

Come back and visit farmstand culture soon!