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Top 5 handmade soaps – inexpensive!

Top 5 Handmade Soaps on Amazon Handmade Marketplace

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I searched the Amazon Handmade Marketplace for their Top 5 bestselling handmade soaps. Why? I am a huge fan of hand-processed soaps. There are a million soaps out there. No, probably 100 million. A billion? But, handmade soap with farm-fresh ingredients and vibrant essential oils is a simple luxury.

Consider adding a handmade soap to a holiday gift as a special little something extra. A bar would look really classic taped to the top of a gift wrapped in a natural twine or satin ribbon.

View and shop the Top 5 Bestselling Handmade Soaps from Amazon's Handmade Marketplace

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Top 5 Bestselling Hand-processed Soaps

November 2018



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Leave a comment and let us know, which handmade soap catches your eye?

Nothing caught your eye? No problem. You can still scan through the Handmade Marketplace for other unique, small batch products. The handcrafted, small batch skincare is my favorite.

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