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10 best-selling handcrafted items on Amazon that aren’t booze glasses

Top ten bestsellers on Amazon handmade handcrafted items that are not all booze glasses

Everyone, myself included, is looking for unique gifts right now. We all have this little hope that the gift we find will be a winner! When our special gift is opened we will see a flash of genuine joy in the eyes of the person receiving it.

I have this hope every year for the most difficult person in my life to buy for…husband. In fact, just the past weekend I finally got around to returning the anniversary gift I bought him three weeks ago. A high-end thermos. He wanted a different size. I was so close.

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If you were to do the research yourself, you’d find that 12 of the top 20 handcrafted items on Amazon Handmade right now are booze glasses. Whiskey glasses with bullets in the side (7 out of 12). Wine glasses with funny sayings (3 of 12). And uh, the remaining two are whiskey glasses with funny sayings.

My husband, by the way, loves whiskey and stemless wine glasses and would really crack up at some of the funny sayings.

I like booze, but I also like variety, which is hard to find on the Handmade Bestseller list. Not one to give up quickly, I challenged myself to dig past the pile of booze glasses and get you a different Top 10 list of (mostly but not entirely) sober bestsellers.

10 bestsellers that aren’t booze glasses

November 2018

#10 Bourbon Lip Balm

It’s probably just a good stocking stuffer. They are trying to appeal to men with this single malt lip balm, but I like bourbon. This would be a good gift for me.

#9 Rustic 1st Married Christmas Ornament

There are many, many of these beautiful handmade ornaments for First Christmases, New Babies, New Homes, Engagements, and Memorials. Sadly, I felt like the memorial was over-priced. They’re not really customizable. I do like to pull out our New Baby ornaments this time of year and remember when my mom got them for us. Wonderful memories.

#8 Harry Potter Quotes, Set of 4

I know some kids who would have loved these framed quotes when they went through their Harry Potter phase. Anything that encourages people to read is fantastic.

#7 Bacon & Bourbon Soy Candle

Bacon and bourbon, the ad says it’s perfect for your man room. When the weather turns cold, I start little mini  fires all over the place. There are four candles in my dining room and kitchen right now, another in my living room. And I saw a wonderful little local company online that sells candles to raise money for their sick child, and now there is another candle on it’s way to my house.

#6 Personalized Necklace with Any Name

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#5 Dandelion Christmas Wish Pendant Necklace

The dandelion seed in suspended animation is really lovely. What a unique necklace, even for someone who owns a lot of necklaces. Dandelions are a forgotten herb. Not a weed, not a random wildflower, but an historic herb that jumped out of old gardens and spread with the wind.

#4 Target Fan Coffee Mug

Perfect for my sister.

#3 Personalized Bracelet Birthstone Names

A few years ago, I bought a Grandma necklace for my Mother-in-Law. I must have looked for weeks to find one that wasn’t generic or expected. Here’s one from a verified handcraft jewelry artist.

#2 Name Puzzle for kids

In the ad for this handmade puzzle, they are listed as great for toddlers because of the raised letters. That “i” looks like a choking hazard to me. However, preschoolers and kindergartners are either learning to write their names or get really excited when they see their letters. It’d be a good gift for a child ages 3 to 5.

#1 Kitchen Herbs Botanical Prints

I’ve got kitchen decorating on my mind. We are in the final months of a major home renovation. I love herbs, gardening and all things natural. These prints have an authentic, vintage feel to them. They’re so pretty and different.

If you want to scroll through more handmade items that can just arrive at your door. Here is a direct link to Amazon Handmade. I may earn a small commission if you buy anything through this link, but the cost to you is the same either way.

They’re all memorable. Might any of these handmade gifts be the one?

Nothing caught your eye? No problem. You can still scan through the Handmade Marketplace for other unique, small batch products. The handcrafted, small batch skincare is my favorite.

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Top ten bestsellers on Amazon handmade handcrafted items that are not all booze glasses

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