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Top 5 handmade soaps – inexpensive!

Top 5 Handmade Soaps on Amazon Handmade Marketplace

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I searched the Amazon Handmade Marketplace for their Top 5 bestselling handmade soaps. Why? I am a huge fan of hand-processed soaps. There are a million soaps out there. No, probably 100 million. A billion? But, handmade soap with farm-fresh ingredients and vibrant essential oils is a simple luxury.

Consider adding a handmade soap to a holiday gift as a special little something extra. A bar would look really classic taped to the top of a gift wrapped in a natural twine or satin ribbon.

View and shop the Top 5 Bestselling Handmade Soaps from Amazon's Handmade Marketplace

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Top 5 Bestselling Hand-processed Soaps

November 2018



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Leave a comment and let us know, which handmade soap catches your eye?

Nothing caught your eye? No problem. You can still scan through the Handmade Marketplace for other unique, small batch products. The handcrafted, small batch skincare is my favorite.

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Secret Amazon site for handcrafted natural products

Violas in egg wash. Base of homemade DIY viola craft.

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Psssshhh…there’s a secret Amazon site for handcrafted natural products, a place where you can find verified small batch skin care along with artesian jewelry, toys, home décor, clothing and art.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Dried calendula flowers diy for oil infusions and healing herb salve

How could I possibly not know about this?! I am on every single day. Still, it came as a true surprise when I—a lover of natural products and long-time Prime member—stumbled on the small crafters’ marketplace.

This happy accident inspired a new series: FarmstandFix.

Why FarmstandFix?

As the warm-weather growing season winds down, I have been searching for something convenient that offers us all a farm stand fix during the cold, dormant months.

The unique products at this marketplace tick both of those boxes: farm fresh quality and convenience.

You can find soaps, skincare, and natural products similar to what you might see at a farm stand or farmers market. But, it’s not just for handmade skincare. The Top 10 Bestsellers right now include one-of-a-kind glasses, ornaments and necklaces. Bonus, even though you are ordering from small businesses, you get the benefit of fast, cheap Amazon shipping. A must.

Through this new series, I will show you easy ways to comparison shop the handcrafted skincare, I am going to spend my own money to buy and produce reviews on items that catch my eye this autumn and winter.

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What do you mean “verified”?

Amazon wants the handcrafted marketplace to be a trusted artesian resource.

Artists and handcrafters are incentivized to achieve the handmade designation for their one-of-a-kind products. It’s not just handed out to any seller. They set strict standards around what they are willing to add to the handcrafted offerings.

Product crafters must submit an application to the Amazon fortress so that secret researchers can decide if their company and products meet ‘handmade’ standards. The products must be altered or made entirely by hand by the artist or an employee of the artist’s small business. If they are verified, the artist can post goods in this special marketplace at a discount to what a seller of mass-produced goods would pay.

Don’t worry; you can buy from the Handmade Marketplace whether or not you have Prime.  If you have been meaning to try Prime, here’s a quick link to try Amazon Prime free for 30 days. If not, no problem. Read on for more tips about handmade skincare and health supplies.

Three jars edible flowers violas borage pansies

Why am I still buying mass-produced stuff when I can have small batch, natural, handcrafted stuff shipped to me in two days?

Well, lack of awareness for one.

To complicate matters, most small businesses can’t make claims about the benefits of natural ingredients. It’s an FDA thing. Not to mention there’s a lack of real, independent reviews of their highly customized products. The handmade site can be a little overwhelming. It’d be nice to have someone (like me) help point out the good stuff.

Outside of the usual Amazon 1-to-5 star review system, there aren’t a lot of Reviewers out there specializing in Handmade Marketplace products. Frankly, there’s not a lot in it for the Reviewers unless they just love green, organic, natural products made with care and quality in small batches. The small business owners can’t afford to ship materials for free to incentivize people to write about them the way big companies can. It’s a challenge to grab attention away from mass producers and luxury brands.

But, I think you know someone who’s up to the challenge.

Me, I meant me.

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