farmstand5 highlights the five best items at every farm stand I visit.

Every farm stand plays favorites. The selection of fruits, veggies and specialty items reflects the choices of the grower and the community.

Some farm stands are so fancywood-built worship centers for all things that rise up out of the dirt.

Others are just simple offerings at the end of a neighbor’s driveway, someone’s old 2’x5′ folding table with a small collection box and a couple of coolers on top.

Stop your car. Go look inside.

Pick your five favorites. Or just have fun scrolling through mine. Yes, I know the farmstand5 just represents a moment in time. The selection featured depends on the picks of the day and the time of year when I visit. But…

Taking on the challenge of ranking just five items makes you feel very aware of the variety and quality you can discover at farm stands of all sizes.

Tell us about your local farmstand5 in the comments. Better yet, tag your favorite farm stand finds #farmstand5 on Instagram.

If you have a farm stand, no matter how big or small, I’d love to feature you! Send me an email to get the ideas going.

View the top picks from:
Fancy’s Farm Stand, Orleans, MA

Longnook Meadows Farm Stand, Truro, MA

Rose’s Berry Farm Stand, Hartford, CT

Hollister Farm Stand, Hartford, CT

Killam and Bassette Farm Stand, Hartford, CT

Off Center Farm Stand, Woodbridge, CT

Treat Farm Stand, Orange, CT

Lizzie’s Corner Farmers Market Stand, Seymour, CT

Biau Zhi Mem Farmers Market Stands, Zhangjiajie, Hunan, China

Best 5 items at the Gazy’s Brothers farmers market stand (er, truck?), Seymour, CT

Best 5 items at the second oldest farm in the US

Best five things to buy at Log Cabin Farm Stand, Eastham, MA!

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