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What does a farm stand lover write about during the winter?

White and orange pumpkins on an old New England stone wall

Since one of you just asked me this question, I assume other people are wondering. What will a Connecticut-based, farm stand blogger write about in the winter? It’s a little cold for farm stands. Yeah, I hear you.

The story is: I’ve got a few ideas brewing, but I’m more interested in what you want to see!

Email me at or comment down below. Let me know…

Are you most interested in:

  • easy, cheap natural skin and body care you can make with stuff that’s already in your house?
  • interviews with real people who run farm stands?
  • unsponsored, IMO (in my opinion) handmade product reviews?
  • my 230 year old New England farmhouse?
  • following the developments in my brand new kitchen herb garden?
  • creating a farmhouse kitchen inspired by Early American design?
  • vintage and antique shop finds?
  • recipes?
  • winter farm stands (you know this is on the agenda either way, of course)?
  • farm-stand home decor? It’s not farmhouse style (farmhouse is just so covered these days)
  • bestseller lists of handcrafted, garden or skincare products?
  • kid stuff? I have two of them. It’s going pretty well.
  • generalized autoregressive conditional heteroskedasticity? I didn’t think so. I’m so wasting my time on a doctorate in finance. I get bored just saying that stuff.

What did I miss?

Do you have a problem related to healthy eating, skincare, motivation, inspiration, decoration?

Comment all winter long. I’ll see it!  I’ll respond to you.

While you wait, can I interest you in forgotten herbs or natural skincare tips?
How about a few farm-fresh recipes?



14 thoughts on “What does a farm stand lover write about during the winter?

  1. I like the idea of recipes, interviewing other people, and information on the farm house.

    1. Yes! I have all of the above in the works! Thanks for letting me know what jumped out at you.

      1. You are so welcome!

  2. winter farm stands and recipes.

    1. You got it! I heard there was a winter farm market in New Haven. Gotta check it out in a month or two.

  3. Can I just go ahead and vote for all of that? I love reading your stuff!

    1. Thank you! That’s so nice of you!

    2. You are doing a wonderful job on your blog! I just pinned you November gardening chores.

      1. Thank you!

  4. Actully…finance matters!!! 🙂

    And healthy recipes + healthy living , too

    1. I hear you! Finance helped buy my house. Of course, we don’t have to look far to find people with purely financial objectives steering others in the wrong direction. How do you find balance?

      1. Oh so true! But there should still be character and integrity even in finance, right?

      2. Should be. I actually watched the 2008 financial implosion from inside of a major international Investment Bank. It clearly shapes my view of the world. I vividly remember the plunging stock market graphs, the red tickers, and it’s not like we didn’t know which department within the bank caused the losses. Dramatic

      3. Oh dear, in 2009 we felt the effects of that, too, with many people getting laid off from the multinational Company I was with that time.

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