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Gifts for kid gardeners – all gifts under $20

Let’s get the kids started early! These gifts for kid gardeners are interactive, educational and help teach patience. You can feel good that you aren’t just adding to the buckets of toys. Your gift can stand out and stand the test of time.

If you enjoy “theme gifting” for a family, gardening is the perfect theme!

Keep scrolling to find gift ideas for children of all ages, from babies to teens and all in-betweens. Some of these ideas would work for grown-ups, too, but that wasn’t my focus when I researched this list.

I put the work into compiling this collection of great gardening gifts for kids because, well, I’m buying these gifts for the kids in my life, too. As you read through, I’ll let you know in the comments if I bought one of these gifts or if we already have it.

It was a lot of fun to put this together. My imagination goes wild when I see these ideas. I hope you have fun scanning through this ultimate list of gifts for kid gardeners.

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A few tips to give you the best experience possible:

Just click on the photos to get more details and to see the prices. When I put this list together, all of the items were under $20. TIP: Make sure you read the expected delivery date before you place orders to be sure it will arrive in time! Check to see if you need seeds or if it already comes with seeds and soil.

If you need seeds for any of these gifts, I recommend these organic micro-greens for kids. TIP: Organic micro-greens are mild, sprout quickly and can be eaten right away. You can pour 50 of them into a little cup and most will sprout. Other herb seeds, like basil and parsley, are much more recognizable, but they take forever to grow.

More than 20 unique gift ideas for kid gardeners

Ok, enough of my tips and thoughts…here’s the ultimate gift list for kid gardeners:

Real, tiny succulent in a necklace

Whether the kids you are shopping for are five or fifteen, this real-life succulent growing inside of a tiny necklace is sure to be unique and memorable! I’ve never seen anyone with anything like this. Bring the garden with you wherever you go.


We have this toy! My kids loved it. First, they decorate the plastic jar. Then, they plant the seeds and watch them grow. You get enough seeds to grow the garden twice. TIP: to make the stickers glow in the dark, hold the jar up to a lightbulb for 10 seconds.

Baby book with a gardening theme

Perfect for those adorable little chubby fists to grab at this book. Baby can use all of her or his senses exploring these soft, interactive pages.

Grow plants and see the roots

A root viewer garden takes window sill gardening to the next level. Your kid gardener can see what’s happening above and below the surface of his or her garden. That actually gives them something to look forward to when the outdoor garden season ends.

For a toddler – Garden stickers for bathtime

Don’t worry. There’s nothing sticky about bath tub stickers. When these squishy foam flowers get wet, a toddler or young child can stick them to the tub or tile walls. I wouldn’t recommend this gift for a small baby. They might bite through the foam.

Great author for a gardening book

Here’s one I must have for my kids. We love reading books. We love gardening. Let’s put the two things together and imagine a garden in the world of wonderful rhymes and rhythms!

Complete grow kit

A little garden in a cup. These peas will sprout pretty quickly. The kids will think it’s a ton of fun. But, just to set your expectations, the plants likely won’t grow long enough to become edible pea pods.  It’s possible because peas don’t need a ton of light, but the chances that a kid will keep them watered and cared for long enough…low.

TIP: If you really want a garden the kids can eat quickly, keep scrolling an choose a DIY window garden, egg carton with grow lights or the stackable countertop garden with organic micro-greens.

Fairy garden

Who wants a plastic garden when you can have a plastic-live plant hybrid? Imagination goes wild!

Engineering a flower garden

Any gardening gift could be considered a STEM or STEAM gift (Science, Tech, Engineering, Art, Math), but this is a double-whammy build-able gardening gift with a heavy engineering component.

DIY Coloring Pillow Garden Scene

My kid would spend hours coloring in every little garden detail of this pillow. It’s a fun craft that becomes a useful pillow. Sounds like a win-win.

How do I buy one of these gifts?

Just click on the pictures!

Farmer’s Market board game

My kids beg for family board game night. Here’s a game for ages 3+ that brings the garden theme full circle to my favorite place…a farm stand!!  Double exclamation points for the first farm stand idea in my list of gifts for kid gardeners.

Grow light

No matter what time of year, if a kid feels the urge to grow plants, he or she can use this grow light. The light clips to a desk, table or chair. You might want to check Pintrest for craft ideas on how to make your own DIY planters. A couple of good ideas: egg cartons, plastic bottles, or disposable cups. Don’t forget to add a little sack of seeds.

Blocks that make flowers

Genius twist on the typical kid gift…blocks. These creative blocks grow into a mix-and-match garden. No messy soil for the parents to clean up.

Click on the pics to buy the gifts.


A doll with a garden and a farm stand!

You may be more familiar with her big sister, but this little set is the second farm stand themed toy on my list of gifts for kid gardeners. I love it. When I first saw it, I thought, “this is the perfect gift for all of my little farm stand lovers!”

750-piece Farm Stand puzzle

Another farm stand themed gift, a puzzle. Hey, I admit it. A puzzle is just an ok gift. Unless you catch a kid or a family who is really into puzzles. Like my dad and me! On my summer vacation to Cape Cod, I did two 1,000-piece puzzles. It’s a great way to spend quality time together.

Seed starter kit

If you’re going to get a seed starter kit, I’d say stay on the small side. There are 120-pod and 78-pod seed starters out there. Speaking from experience, that is so much work for the parents. This 24-pod seed starter is much more manageable. And, if the tray tips or gets knocked over, there’s so much less water to clean up.

Also, if you’ve been reading carefully, you know what I’m about to recommend…

TIP: Consider buying organic micro-green seeds instead of the totally tempting traditional herbs and veggie seed packets. Traditional herbs and veggies are great, but require a lot more care and patience than most kids have.

Best, most useful and tolerant live herb plant

But, if you love kids who have a 75% probability of not watering their plants enough, consider a live bay leaf plant. I love mine. L-O-V-E it. I forget to water it all the time. It doesn’t mind. It needs very little light, and you can add the leaves to soups, sauces, roasted chicken, and baked veggies. It’s not much of a gift, I know. We can fix that. Give them some creative craft supplies like stickers or decorative tape to decorate the container!

Farmer’s Market card game

The 750-piece puzzle I recommended a short scroll ago is way too advanced for little kids. But, this “learn your colors” farmer’s market puzzle would be great for the younger folks.

Secret Garden coloring book

Hidden within these intricate pen-and-ink garden scenes there are all kinds of little “treasures” to find. Good for school-age kids or older kids who are into the adult-coloring book craze.

Paint and plant garden

I promised to let you know when I was recommending something I was also buying. My daughter is 5 1/2. When I saw this gift, I knew she’d love to paint and plant a flower garden. Chances are, the flowers will never make it to a full bloom (marigolds take months in full sun), but the hand-decorated, farmhouse-style galvanized potter can be reused over and over.

Farm stand cart and market

Know anyone who loves lovable ice queens? The sequel to this famous movie is expected to come out in 2019, which means her popularity will go on and on for years to come. With this toy, kids can pretend this queen is just a humble farm-stand owner. Another great gift for my kids. Hint, hint Santa.

Seriously sprouting stacking mini-garden

Sprouts are great. As advertised, they sprout quickly. Kids can taste them, if they are a mild blend like this one. These four stackable trays are designed to save space and limit mess with super quick growing results.

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