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3 of the best essential oils for upset stomachs

Three best essential oils for upset stomachs

Essential oils are one of many all-natural remedies to help with a tummy ache. They are pure, powerful and effective. If someone in my family complains of tummy trouble, I use a blend of three essential oils for upset stomachs.

As with any treatment, consult a doctor before using essential oils if you are allergic, pregnant or nursing. Only your doctor can tell if you if essential oils might interact with any other medications you are taking.

Natural remedies for upset stomachs

When you think about it, most people already use all-natural remedies to combat an upset stomach.

As a kid, the school nurse used to give me peppermint candies when I complained of a tummy ache. Lots of people try ginger ale or ginger soda for indigestion.  You may even brew ginger or mint tea to combat an upset stomach. Turning to over-the-counter medicine, those little chalky little tablets (if you’ve been pregnant, you definitely know what I’m talking about) are actually calcium carbonate, which occurs naturally.

Collecting essential oils

Hubs was no believer. He found my collection of essential oils to be pretty annoying. Yeah, I understand. If you have enough of them, those tiny brown bottles take up entire shelves in your bathroom and appear in bags, drawers and cabinets all over the house and car. If you live with someone, that person might get a little frustrated with your essential oil collection. Until…the moment comes when she or he needs them.

This blend of three essential oils works so well on my husband’s upset stomach, it changed his perspective on my whole collection of little brown bottles. Whenever he isn’t feeling well, he asks me to blend these oils for him to rub on his belly, and it hasn’t failed him yet.

Where do I buy essential oils?

Your friends and family may have strong preferences for a certain brand of essential oils over another. I don’t. Just do a quick search online to learn more about the reputation of the essential oil company before you buy. If it’s an established, trusted essential oil company, then you will probably get your money’s worth. 

Essential oils are expensive. You can easily spend $15 to $50 on a single bottle. If you can afford them, they do last a long time. I’ve had many for several years, which is why I built up such a large collection that they are all over the house.

You can find a huge variety of essential oils online direct from the manufacturers, via local sellers through multi-level marketing or on Amazon. I don’t sell them, but my sister does. Here’s a link to her site, if you want to check it out. I really don’t know why she has a photo from 10 years ago on there.

Three best essential oils for upset stomachs

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Best essential oils for upset stomachs

My favorite essential oils for upset stomachs are:

You can use any one of these three essential oils for an upset stomach by rubbing them on your stomach. I blend a drop of all three, but they are expensive. If you can afford it, the blend of all three is marvelous! Alternatively, if you have a friend with a collection, check and see if he or she has all three of these and can make you a roller ball

A roller ball filled with just a few drops of each essential oil blended into a carrier oil, like fractionated coconut oil, will go a long way. Fractionated coconut oil is processed so that it remains in liquid form at room temperature. You can roll the roller over your stomach as needed.

Here are my top picks for the three best essential oils for upset stomachs.

#3 Fennel

Fennel essential oil has a mild, sweet licorice scent. The essential oil is derived from fennel seeds using a steam distillation method. During the steam distillation process, the part of the plant from which the oil will be extracted is placed inside of a contraption that looks like something straight out of your high school science lab. Water is heated so that steam passes through the plant material for anywhere from a few hours to more than a day, depending on the plant. The essential oil is released and separated from the water.

#2 Ginger

Ginger essential oil is peppery and powerful. If you have sensitive skin, you should blend ginger with a mild, carrier oil before applying it to your skin. There’s a chance it could irritate your skin if applied directly. The essential oil is extracted by steam distillation from the rhizomes of the ginger root. Rhizomes are pale, thin shoots that branch out from the root system.

#1 Peppermint

My favorite go-to essential oil for stomach aches, big breaths and sore muscles. If I could only choose one essential oil for my cabinet at home, it would be peppermint. The entire plant is put into the steam distiller to make this essential oil. You are probably most familiar with the strong scent of peppermint oil in chewing gum, candy and toothpaste. Like ginger, peppermint is a strong oil that you should consider blending with a neutral, carrier oil before applying to your skin.

Test before you slather

The FDA does not regulate essential oils, as they are generally not considered to be pharmaceuticals. Always test a small patch of skin with any new topical treatment to check that you are not allergic or sensitive to the ingredients.

Everyone is different, and allergies may occur. Coconut oil is usually a good carrier oil, but some people do develop a sensitivity to it over time. You can also consider grapeseed oil, almond oil or even a light olive oil to use as a carrier oil, if you prefer them to coconut. Almost any mild, unscented oil will work just fine.

Three of the best essential oils for upset stomachs

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  1. I find this very interesting. When I was a little girl, both my mom and my grandma used to make a mixture of ground up fennel seed and ginger suspended in raw honey. It tasted great and also soothed an upset stomach or sore throat.

    1. That sounds genius…and if you ever need a birthday gift idea maybe leave hints about the essential oils.

  2. Very informative, thanks for sharing 🙏💜

  3. I have tea tree oil and lavender and I love using them, but I never thought they’d be handy for upset stomachs. I definitely need to look into them more! Thanks for the tip!

  4. Ginger was my go to during my last pregnancy and brought it to the hospital along with fennel. Fennel helped with my milk production, after using it twice I haven’t needed to use it again. It’s nice to know I have help if i need it again.

  5. very practical info.

  6. People tend to overlook the benefits of essential oils. There are many jokes about the essential oil community making radical claims. Essential oils are not magic and are not something to use for chronic situations. But if used for prevention they are great. Also, they can be useful in certain situations lowering our use of pharmaceuticals.

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