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Make Your Own Garlic Powder

garlic cloves in a basket at Off Center Farm Stand Woodbridge

Here’s a How-to that I recommend you don’t do. It sounds labor-intensive and smelly. Still, the impressive people behind the Two Branches Homestead went above and beyond in finding a use for extra herbs. You can learn more about all they went through to Make Your Own Garlic Powder

4 thoughts on “Make Your Own Garlic Powder

  1. thanks for the shout out. it is a bit smell, but smelly like your Italian grandmas kitchen

  2. I haven’t made garlic powder but I have dehydrated and powdered ramps which are even more pungent.

    1. Whooooa. You’re a champion. Makes me feel a little bit lazy. Good work, though.

  3. […] 26. Hang them to dry 27. Freeze them in plastic bags 28. Freeze them into ice cubes 29. Keep parsley and cilantro fresh longer in the fridge with a paper towel 30. Keep basil fresh longer by coating it in olive oil 31. Grind them up to make a dry powder […]

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