Gardening with kids

I have an organic garden.

I have two kids, two nephews, a niece and God children.
Our neighbors have kids.
Our friends have kids.
My cousins have kids.
They are everywhere.
It’s like they are going to take over the planet someday or something.

We live in New England where there are four distinct seasons, but no matter what season it is, I figure out a way to have the kids involved in planting, harvesting and cooking our own food.

If they have a tummy ache, my kids know to go grab some parsley or mint from the garden. If they are hungry, they might go get some berries, kale or peas from the garden, or let’s face it, they’re kids so they’ll probably go in the pantry and get a bag of goldfish, too. It’s ok. I know they won’t always choose to eat clean, fresh, organic fruits and veggies. I confess I have had McDonald’s fries. I like them. They are awful for you, but I like them. And I eat Snickers at Halloween, too.

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